Never Ever Mainstream


Our team is composed of the most diverse creative and specialized minds. This enables us to cover a comprehensive spectrum, thus compiling the best possible offers for our clients. It is not just about profit. This is where the artist as a human being comes first. We specialized in working not for the artist, but with the artist. Support our clients in achieving their goals. But do not get lost in the sea by confusing offers. 
Whether it is the marketing itself or the mediation at a special event. There is always a way to help.

Through experience, we have found that only one constructive success can lead to success. 
In the foreground is only the artist and our team will be in the background to ensure a smooth process. The stage should be yours.
We do not make any differences between known or unknown. The only thing that counts is talent and personality.
We would be happy to get in touch with each new prospective customer and discuss whether a cooperation could come about. For questions, suggestions, ideas or to make contact, please use the form provided for this purpose.